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W:Jump A:BackWard D:Forward

Hey Guys welcome to FIRECITY6
My "BEST" game INDIE in here now i make second game and the name of my game is KUTAI BOY.
KUTAI BOY is supported by KukarKreatif,GLK and NalaArung.
they are cool community to support me on create my game.
im so exictied!(Sorry for My Grammar).
i make this game in 3 Week!
TWQ:Monday i start make some idea using a SketchBook!
    and i inspired by MasterGun so i combine that game with My idea...
and the result is SO AMAZING!
but is something wrong i don't know how to add sound effect using a script{:-(
i choose not add sound i choose show a gameplay
im so sorry for that.
hope you enjoy and don't forget to comment and like
for more result.

SciptCodeApp:Visual Studio.
Thank You....


Install instructions

Just click ZIP file end extract to Data1 or any folder did you like to save the game.


KutaiBoy.Play.zip 18 MB


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second gam